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BLOKK at home: A Client Showcase

We've received a number of photos of beautiful Blokk displays from our happy customers, and decided to showcase some of their incredible decor ideas. Each display is so unique, each tile finely selected to make part of a stunning story wall. The display options are endless, and we are stunned by the creativity of our clients!

Our tiles come in a wide range of colours, designs and styles, which makes them perfect for any room. We also do custom tiles to fit your decor needs, so contact us today to create your unique and perfect collection.

Blokk collections can be displayed as a whole wall design or as a simple, yet striking wall piece. We suggest hanging three or more tiles together to create an eye-catching focus point on your wall.

There is no limit to the amount of tiles that you can hang in your collection! Our designs and styles are ever- changing and expanding which allows you to add to your collection as much as you like.

We would love to see your Blokk displays at home! Send your decor ideas via email or WhatsApp. (See contact us.)

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